The article that disappeared from newsweek.

Anybody who saw Spike Lee’s documentary, If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise, will remember a particularly poignant moment when Katherine Montana declares that she made the decision to stay in Humble, Texas because “There is no education system for my son, who has autism.” There was an interesting article about the state of the schools in August in The Root.  A lot has been invested in keeping the charter system of New Orleans on a pedestal, but what about children with special needs? So many parents remain displaced because the city and the schools simply do not care. In July,  the Southern Poverty Law Center filed a complaint against the Louisiana Department of Education, alleging that schools are shunning parents of disabled children, completely neglecting the needs of those children for academic instruction. This morning, a story appeared in Newsweek entitled “New Orleans accused of failing disabled students.” Maybe it’s because the New Orleans charter schools are an integral part of the solution presented in the upcoming film, “Waiting for Superman”. Maybe it’s election time in Louisiana. I don’t know what it is, but it looks like somebody is really interested in keeping the real story of the charter schools of new orleans out of the public eye. Here is a part of the article..

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