What I Miss About Childhood

ROLLER SKATES!!!! All of that free room and board and toy stuff is really good, but I used to LOVE to roller skate. If I lived near a rink, I’d be all over it. Forward, backward, spinning. When I first learned, we had a basement and I’d practice down there. I went once when I was in college. I wonder if that rink is still open. One day I may make up for things by finding a rink or learning to ice skate.

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2 thoughts on “What I Miss About Childhood

  1. Brings back memories. I learned how to skate in our basement in a hand-me-down pair of skates that were too small. I loved every minute of it. I think I was in junior high the last time I went skating. There’s a rink around the corner from my house …

  2. I found a roller rink not so far away. I also found the nearest ice arena. As soon as my ankle is completed healing, I can go out and put it to work! LOL.

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