Toys R Us is under boycott.

A group of institutional investors (who control about 150 billion in assets) is urging other investors to stay away from the IPO of Toys R Us until they agree to label and phase out toys made with toxic PVCs. The toy seller had already expressed plans to do this in 2008. Walmart, Target, Sears and several other stores have already implemented initiatives to phase out or significantly reduce the use of PolyVinyl Chloride used in products or packaging. I wonder why all of them  did not phase out. PVCs are toxic. Who wants toxic stuff in their home?

2 thoughts on “Toys R Us is under boycott.

  1. I think it’s been almost 10 years since I’ve shopped at Toys R’ Us……I could never get comfortable with being beat up by the crowds. And now I’m glad that I don’t shop there. That is a serious sign of disregard for their consumers.

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