I thought this was a bad idea.

I was flipping channels when I came across an advertisement for a new reality show on TLC. It was centered around a family that lived a polygamous lifestyle. I wondered if it was a good plan to be on television openly breaking laws that are rarely enforced in Utah, yet still on the books. Then I remembered the Salahis and how they got onto a Bravo show after basically trespassing on federal property. The producers must have seen this red flag too, because they called up the Utah Attorney General’s office and basically asked if they were going to be shut down. The police are investigating them now, so maybe that conversation with the Attorney General did not go as well as the producers thought it did.

2 thoughts on “I thought this was a bad idea.

  1. I actually watched part of an episode. I didn’t get it. Sister-wives? Really? One of the women said that the arrangement was more about the relationship with sister-wives than with the husband. One husband, 3 wives and I think 12 children.

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