The Soup Diaries. Day 4. The Final Chapter. For Now.

I remember the first time I had black beans. I was studying in my dorm room in high school and there was this smell in the suite. I had to track it down and find out what it was. One of my suite mates, who was Guatemalan, had made these black beans and they were so fresh and so good. I asked her to let me try some, and the explosion of flavor I experienced began my relationship with black beans. They are one of the few foods that maintain nutritional value canned, but they taste better not canned to me.

Imagine Bistro™ Organic Cuban Black Bean Bisque is a thick and tasty soup that goes well on its own or with toppings (but not too many with 170 calories per 8 ounce serving). I really like way the flavors meld together.

As I’m writing this, I’m down to two ibuprofen a day, so I’m thankful to say I’m healing pretty nicely. I’ve eaten a soft solid or two but will probably not step out into regular food all the time for a few days. I’ve really enjoyed having my soups. There is something about them that is very comforting.

4 thoughts on “The Soup Diaries. Day 4. The Final Chapter. For Now.

  1. I went looking for this soup and, of course, couldn’t find it. So I ended up with Amy’s Organic Black Bean Vegetable soup. Have you ever tried that brand? It wasn’t bad. A little bland but it really filled me up. No diary or glutens and high in fiber. I’m going to check out some of the other flavors as well.

  2. Actually I tried the Amy’s lentil soup. I did have to doctor it up in the spice and herb department, but not bad at all. I’ll have to try the black bean flavor. Thanks.

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