Setting the Scene: Where I Live


This prompt challenged me to describe the community I live in, as if it were the setting for a book.

I looked up from my book when I heard the pilot announcing the end of the flight.

Welcome to Portland International Airport. Local time is 9:30 am. If you look out of your window to the east, you’ll see Mount Hood. Current temperature is 55 degrees, but the highs are forecast to reach 78 degrees. Have a great day in the Pacific Northwest.

Everybody just seemed happier in Portland. I got off of my plane and made my way through the huge, spacious concourses and to the open air walkway to the waiting chauffeured car. The friendliness and courtesy of the people in the airport has never been lost on me.

Beautiful, thick green grass, wildflowers and trees lined the highway, which spanned the mighty Columbia River and into more forest. How could it be anything but a perfect day? Even when it was rainy, it was gorgeous.

The best part, however, was when the car turned onto the tree-lined, fenced lane which led home. Plum, Maple and Elm waved in the shimmering breeze as if to personally welcome me home from my long trip. I waved at the dog walkers, bicyclists and joggers and they waved back. Truly, there was no place like home.

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