Gulf Oil Spill – Day 102 – Big Oil Shenaniganery

102 days into the Deepwater Horizon disaster, BP wants to ease back on cleaning up the mess it created, it wants the government to foot the bill for a big part of the wetland cleanup and it has enlisted a lot of people you know. Well, you know their names and faces.

The new, American, CEO (from Mississippi) says it’s time to scale back on those cleanup efforts (can they scale back when it’s um, cleaned up? for real, and not just on the surface? just wondering). It’s time to reopen the fishing areas and move on.

Guess who is helping the Gulf to move on? It’s your favorite stars, encouraging you to sign a petition by the America’s Wetland Foundation for the government to pay what the good people at BP should be paying to clean up the wetlands trashed by their oil spill. America’s Wetland Foundation is funded almost exclusively by big, big oil (which includes BP). Nobody knows if the celebrities know/knew who was behind the campaign, but it’s just something to think about before you sign that petition that you saw those stars talking about. Sandra Bullock has asked to be pulled from the ad behind the petition. You may recognize the PSA spot.

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