What a difference 100 days make.


100 days ago, life was as normal as it could be in Louisiana post-Katrina. My folks were planning a big crawfish boil for Mother’s Day. ¬†Everybody was going on with their lives and our president’s talk of alternative energy had evolved from encouragement of growth of solar and wind to clean coal and offshore drilling, which wasn’t a great thing for most of us in the West (especially the Northwest) because we have this thing about really not wanting oil in our water.

Then, on Monday, April 20, 2010, ¬†the Deepwater Horizon exploded, killing 11 people and creating an oil slick the size of Kentucky. We found out that the Minerals Management Service, which was in place to ensure that rigs were properly built, basically palled around with big energy. We also found out that no one else in the country really wants oil on their beaches either, and that the state of Louisiana has not been paid its oil royalties, and hasn’t really cared because of the good ol’ boy benefits in the southern part of the state that lined the pockets of so many small business owners and employees, but now notsomuch. Don’t forget that lesson about Halliburton doing shoddy concrete work, but is that really anything new? So many people’s lives are changed, from the fishermen, to the tourists, restaurant businesspeople and employees. What a difference 100 days make.

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