Up at night.


This morning, I woke up really early, like well before dawn. The house was just too quiet. Most of the time, I sleep pretty well, but every now and then things come up and I just can’t sleep. Sometimes it’s an intense conversation argument with my husband (then I usually wake him up, because what’s the point of JUST ME losing sleep?). Other times, I may have a family member who hasn’t been doing well lately or has surgery coming up. That doesn’t happen much, and I am thankful. Any time I travel with the kids, I’m up late packing and making sure I have not forgotten anything that either of four children need, wait make that five, because my husband’s packing skills suck (love ya honey). The only other time I’m kept up is when Max comes along and wants to snuggle or wants something to drink. Today, it was because the electricity was off, but it was back after a couple of hours.

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