Look good, but not too good.


A small piece of land next to the two strip malls where I live, this past Summer has given rise to a plastic surgery practice in the middle of my neighborhood. I had been reading stories about job seekers stepping up their resumes by going to school and having procedures done, but it really hit home when I saw a plastic surgery clinic within walking distance of my house.

So it was really interesting to read what Newsweek had to say about the findings that attractive people are usually paid more in the work force (Did you know that according to a Cornell survey college students would rather have a spouse who steals from his or her company or abuses drugs than one who is obese?). There was even an article about not getting worked up about being excluded from what society deems attractive (which I don’t agree with, especially as a woman of color, but I’m working on one post at a time here). I think it is important for people to feel comfortable in their skin with who they are, underneath all of their enhancements. The really sad truth is that people treat you nicer if you look better, but if you look too good, they either get jealous of you, don’t take you seriously or both.

The Root has an interesting slide show on beauty practices that would be considered trans ethnic by many.


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