People really will steal anything, huh?

My mama used to say that people would steal Jesus off the cross if he wasn’t nailed down. Maybe she was on to something.

I’ve heard of people stealing houses (filing phony paperwork for a house and showing up to evict the rightful owner or taking equity out of a home), but this guy moved into a home in foreclosure, changed locks, filed ownership paperwork, and attempted to take out a loan using the house as collateral. He also had done this with at least two additional properties, having rented out one (he had plans to ultimately do this with 100 homes, too). With all of the research, planning and time he invested in this scam, couldn’t he have made something happen for himself on the right side of the law? I know that a job and credit aren’t nearly as plentiful as they used to be, but staying out of jail still has got to have its advantages.

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