Until a couple of years ago, my father worked for General Motors. He worked for the company for 40 years and we were always certain, for better or for worse, that he’d work there until he died. A cancer diagnosis led to his decision to retire. I always had a feeling that I would not have that long tenure with a company, unless I went into education or started my own business. I’ve been right so far, but if I find a remarkable workplace upon my return to the 9 to 5 world, I’d be open to staying. In this economy, having the same job for 20 years or more is more of a foreign concept, but it still happens in America. I wish it happened more.

One thought on “Lifers.

  1. Companies aren’t as loyal or appreciative as they used to be though. 40 years ago General Motors WANTED employees who were dedicated enough to stay for that long. My grandfather was a lifer at Zebco. Employees would start on the floor and work their way up….and that’s what companies liked. They had employees who valued a quality product and experience.

    NOW they just want the new hotness that’s cheap and fast.

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