In case you missed it – Black History Month.

If you missed last night’s show, you REALLY missed a treat. The show opened up with our new theme music and our special guest, my friend Angela, who currently works in diversity management for a Fortune 500 company and has experience working for Washington State University.  Angela talked about the use and importance of Black History Month as a recruitment, retention, and professional development tool both in the academic and corporate setting. She discussed how, in areas like the Pacific Northwest, where blacks are represented in very small numbers, Black History Month is a great opportunity for engagement and ownership for people who may not be afforded those opportunities under regular circumstances.

Because of the current conditions in the workplace and educational system, we came to the conclusion that although great strides have been made in this country, there is still a need for a time of reflection and acknowledgement of the achievements of black people toward the advancement of civilization.

We were joined by listener, Alicea in Detroit, who shared an amazing poem about Black History. Melette shared about growing up in Princeville, the oldest incorporated town of black people in the United States.

Hot topics included of the continued drama with Toyota vehicles, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and the drug situation in Juarez, Mexico. It was an amazing show.

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