wtcOn September 11, 2001, I woke up to silence. No radios. No televisions. Nothing. I started my day and checked some emails when I got a clue that something was terribly wrong. I had around 100 new messages and most of them were asking about friends and sorors in the NYC area. Something had happened to the World Trade Center. I went to the news web sites and saw photos of burning buildings where people were jumping out. Then I turned on the television and saw the towers fall. I’ve seen some bad things in my life but that had to be one of the worst (worse, even than the Oklahoma City bombing). All of the time praying that somebody got out and that none of my friends or sisters found themselves shopping or doing business in the World Trade Center. Even after finding my loved ones safe (I continue to be thankful), there was the anguish for those who could not locate their loved ones. ¬†And the ones who found their loved ones but wish they had not.

Now all of these years later, I wonder. Why we are at war in a nation (Iraq) that our leaders asserted was involved in this bombing. Because they so clearly were not. Or why we continue to be partners with a nation (Pakistan) that has the blood of the involvement with this and many other terrorist acts on its hands? Maybe because Americans as a people continue to allow fear to trump their ability to come to logical conclusions. Just look at the “debate” that has transpired surrounding health care.

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