The end of the affair.

heartbWe had one wonderful last night together. It’s something how once I decide a relationship is not for me, the other party steps things up. Maybe it’s one of those things that can be sensed or something. Maybe once things are resolved, there is just less tension in the air. I don’t know. You’re gone now and while I am so thankful for the good things you brought while you were here, I’m really looking forward to the possibilities and journeys of the next chapter in my life. I hope you find somebody who loves you like I used to.

A Note: This post was an ode to my washing machine, which was replaced after almost a decade with us. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The end of the affair.

  1. It’s sort of a separation, but not with my husband. Mostly, it’s a milestone I wanted to record. Of all the folk who have been here to see this post, you are one of two who has asked me about this. Hmmm.

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