My favorite week.

Al wrote a two paragraph essay this week entitled, “My Favorite Day.” Al has had all kinds of adventures. He’s been to all kinds of resorts (including Disney World). By the time he’s a teenager, he will have most likely visited India. Riding a plane is just about old hat to him. He went on his first flight at the ripe old age of three months. I think that if Max knew this, he’d be demanding upgrade service on his next trip. However, his favorite day was one when he was allowed to stay up very late because his father was working on a big project at work. He must really like staying up. The essay was really well thought out and his teacher wrote really nice things on the paper. The whole thing made me think about my favorite day.

The thing is, that I had so many favorite days, that I would have to have a favorite week. The day that each of my kids was born. See, that’s four days right there. My wedding day. My favorite Christmas with my entire family. And a day that has yet to be determined. But what about when the kids graduate from high school? College? Get married? Have THEIR own kids? What if our next family reunion is a total blast (I CAN dream – hee hee hee)? My class reunion? I’m going to be up to a month in a minute. LOL. I’m really thankful, though, because there are worse things to ponder.

2 thoughts on “My favorite week.

  1. Thanks! Al is smart. I hope he is a peaceful teenager, because I don’t know if I’m ready for one of those young people aiming to take over the world. LOL

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