The Pursuit of Happyness/Chris Gardner

I really looked forward to reading this book, with all of the buzz surrounding the movie and the story behind it. The book gives an overview of Chris Gardner’s life, from his childhood in Milwaukee with an abusive (to put it mildly) stepfather to his life on the streets in the Bay Area with his young son to the foundation of his successful company.
I was really surprised by the candid (and explicit) language with which the tale was told. I was somewhat disappointed to read the circumstances of the failure of his marriage. Strike that. I was hot. I had to give the writer (and the ghostwriter) credit for disclosing a group of events that was not even complimentary. It ruined the story for me, though. It really did.
I was so excited to find out how he became the successful stockbroker, I skipped the first few chapters and came back to read them later. If I had read them first, I would not have completed the book, no matter how much I paid for it. I guess it is because this man’s character is so highly praised. I know he’s not perfect, but to read the kind of things that went on during his marriage, I just couldn’t respect it.

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