The Greatest thing I’ve Ever Learned.

We live in an age of gift registries, wish lists and other outright requests for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. How great would it be to accept a gift, even if it is a little off color, even if it is not as shiny as we’d like, even if it is something we never would have bought for ourselves with the pure gratitude and thankfulness that the people in our lives invested of themselves and their time to bestow something good, something extra into our journey on this earth.
This must be one of the simplest Christmases that I’ve ever had and I think it is one of the best because my mind is not clouded right now with what other people have, what’s on sale, or what the aquisition of the moment is. We’ll get around to whatever gifts and great celebrations we can, and the stuff we miss, will have to wait until New Years or later. We’ll enjoy each other’s company, listen to the story of Christmas (courtesy of my sister), be thankful for another year together. I probably won’t write back until after Christmas, so have a wonderful holiday, be thankful you have someone thinking of you and loving you enough to give you a gift, even if its handmade or doesn’t fit.

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