My Crafts

Scrapbooking. Photography. Painting. Art Journaling. Card Making. Jewelry Making. I made my first scrapbook when I was in college. There was something about working with the photos, fabric, glue, paints, glitter, fake gems and hot glue gun (hey, it was in the South – and we are all about our fabulosity down there) that resonated with me. Fast forward about a decade later and I found myself putting layouts together after my parents hosted our family reunion. There were so many neat embellishments, papers, adhesives, books and other products that there was no turning back for me. I’ve turned a lot of memories into lasting gifts and cards for family members and even found myself using my cards in charitable endeavors for the past couple of years. Art journals have also helped me make lasting and deep connections and friendships. My current projects include (taking a deep breath) more scrapbooking, art journals, home decor projects, and cards. The reason for this resurgence is to share what I learn and to grow as a craftist. I’ll be posting my latest stuff and finds on Fridays, so stay tuned. 🙂

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