A lifetime of nothing special.

Ladies, is it wrong to expect the man you marry to treat you special? I was just reading this post by Diva and I’m like, WHAT THE? How does one NOT EXPECT to be treated special in a marriage? I know that I’m an idealist about a lot of things, but I know I’m not alone when it comes to thinking, hey, I’m marrying this dude, having his kids, making a home and/or bringing home the bacon. I think a LITTLE appreciation is in order. It’s not even about the monetary value. I’ve been blessed with some nice gifts from the hubby, but I’ve been equally blessed when he’s done little things when I was down or sick that just brightened up my day, and made me think, this man here LOVES him some me. Am I an idealist? I know a lot of people are just glad to get married, but who wants a lifetime of nothing special?