2014 Day 31: Clarification.

From time to time on this blog, my blog, I post graphics, facts, etc. that catch my eye or make me think. Yesterday I posted one about the fact that firearm involved incidents are the third leading cause of death for kids 1-17. That’s all. I thought that was a fact to be alarmed about, whether the incidents involve drugs, gangs or both (FYI: everybody killed by drug dealers and gang members are not drug users and gang members but their murders are often lumped into drug and gang crimes) and whether the incidents are homicides, suicides or both. There is no acceptable number of children to be killed with guns in this country but the fact that guns are somehow linked to so many young deaths is something to be concerned about. If that concern makes one person more careful with his or her firearms so that they don’t get stolen and used in the death of a child or accidentally discharged by a child, then to me, that is the best form of gun control.