Monday News: 1,4 Dioxane Tide and the Microsoft Nook.

Last week I learned, through testing by environmental group, Women’s Voices for the Earth, that Tide Original Scent and Tide Free and Clear detergents both contain 1,4 Dioxane, a probable carcinogen. Because 1,4 Dioxane is a by product of the process used to make the products and not an additive, it does not appear on the label’s ingredient listing. The 1,4 Dioxane could be removed by altering the formulation process for the detergents, but Proctor and Gamble, the corporation that makes tide, maintains that the amount of 1,4 Dioxane is in keeping with safety regulation. Representation for Proctor and Gamble maintains that clothing would have to be washed and worn 1,000 a day in order for one to be exposed to toxic levels of 1,4 Dioxane. I understand that this substance may be in my food and drinking water, but I will be researching alternatives, because I don’t understand why anyone would knowingly use a product that contains a “probable carcinogen”.

The Microsoft Nook?

Microsoft has announced that they will be investing $300 million into Barnes and Noble’s Nook division for a 17.6 percent stake. Microsoft will use the opportunity to expand its presence in the tablet field and Barnes and Noble will most likely benefit from the cash infusion and the resolution of several patent disputes it has with Microsoft. Book publishers are also happy about the deal.

Taking our kids to work.

Yesterday was “Take Our Kids to Work” day. Al went with his father, but I think next year Nat and maybe Little A will be going, too. Al is a teenager now, so he has the whole, “what’s the big deal?” attitude, but I remember going to visit my parents’ workplace so I know it’s a big deal. I’m slowly learning to emphasize important concepts with my son while ignoring the attitude part.


There have been times when illness (mine, the kids’ or both) has brought me to a complete standstill. Sometimes I have rushed back into things when I shouldn’t have because I felt “well enough”. Now I’m looking around and wondering if there are projects I need to scale back or re-prioritize. Or de-prioritize.

Monday News: Cleaning up my timeline.

My Twitter is set up primarily as an information and news source. I am connected to a few friends, several news outlets, journalists, and other professionals in fields I am interested in keeping up with. Imagine my surprise when a firsthand blow by blow of a domestic altercation between a former professional athlete, his wife and one of her friends found its way into my timeline. I really did not think that was my business so I made some changes, and once again, all is peaceful in the realm of my timeline.

I know that our society is really into getting all possible details into celebrities (and former celebrities’) lives, but sometimes I really would not mind getting back to the days when everybody famous’ business was not all over the tv and web.