Mardi Gras Musings…

It’s not gumbo weather anymore, but I still miss the boot. I don’t miss pickpockets and public nudity (which will land folks in jail these days, but I KNOW somebody is still trying to go out like that), though. Just saying.

Have you ever had a day when you had so many things to do you just had to sit down and prioritize, cause there was no way it was all getting done? I’m right there. Right now.

My oldest son is going to be fifteen in a few days. Today he told me that I fuss at him and stick my nose into his business. It’s called my job. He’d better recognize.🙂

I tried on a lipstick that I thought would be a cute nude. It ended up looking like Nicki Minaj. And while we are SO much alike (insert rolling eyes here) I don’t think that is a good thing.

Today I saw a van marked employee theft investigation slow down and stop in front of a house in my neighborhood. I wonder if they were trying to see if somebody renovated their house with office money… Hmmm…

I’ve got bible study tonight and I can’t wait! We are going through the books of the bible and I always find something interesting. What a way to spend Mardi Gras, huh?