This week on the radio…


The List by Sherri Lewis. We’ll be discussing the story of Michelle and her friends, upwardly mobile, Christian women who have decided to undertake the task of finding the men they have been praying for. This is the first work of Urban Christian fiction that we have read for the show, so it definitely promises to be an interesting episode.

Sisters With Sense

News, News and More News. From the fifteenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing to the passing of Dr. Dorothy Height to the latest on green jobs, we’ll be discussing and chatting about the latest in current events with our listeners, who ALWAYS make us think about what’s going on around us.

Sisterhood of the traveling… sperm?

I think I’m a decent type of friend, but there are some things I would not share with my buds. Sperm has to be near the top of the list. LOL.

Be careful what you wish for, especially from fairies. Tee hee.

I heard a funny story yesterday.

A 62-year-old couple was at a romantic dinner celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. They were sitting at a table when a little fairy came out of nowhere. She said that because they were so in love and such an inspiration she would grant them each a wish. The woman said, “I would love to take a trip around the world with my darling husband.” The fairy twirled her wand and poof! They had two tickets for a 30-day cruise around the world on the finest ship imaginable. When it was the man’s turn, he said, “I’m sorry, honey,” and turned to the fairy and said, “I wish I had a wife who was 30 years younger than I am.” The fairy looked at him, sadly. She said, “I’m so sorry that you made this wish, but I will honor it.” She twirled her wand and poof! The man was 92-years-old.