Happy Birthday Mom!

This week, my mother celebrated a birthday, which means my gift is going to be late. Again. That’s okay, though, I think. My folks are just the types of people who it can be hard to get gifts for. When you ask them what they want, they tell you stuff like, “You’ve got good taste, so anything you pick out will be nice.” No pressure there. Or, “I don’t really want anything.” And yet, after all of these years I’m not sure if I buy that. This year, my sister beat me to the happy birthday phone call, so I must REALLY be losing my touch. I am thankful for my Mom because she has given all of us so much and yet she will not hesitate to let us know when we are falling short. Everybody knows my mother. I mean it. Once I had a little fender bender in my early driving days. I was sure it would be the end of my automotive career. Mama walked up to the cop who was on the scene and started talking to him. She knows everybody. On days like this I wish I could go home and just listen to her advice and the stuff she’s learned and hope that some of it falls off on me.