You never know who’s working technical support…

It appears that some Apple customers with user questions have been receiving replies from the big man himself.

Want to work around AT&T? I guess they have an app for that. LOL.

So everybody’s packin?

Growing up, I knew people who carried concealed weapons, but they usually lived or worked in dangerous places. Maybe those dangerous places are more widespread than I thought, because according to this story, millions of Americans are carrying concealed weapons. The story opens up with the experience of a South Carolina attorney, Jim Corley, who spoke on his experience when a young man threatened him with a semiautomatic pistol.

The man told him to give him what he had, so Corley gave him three hollow point bullets. The law in South Carolina that allows Mr. Corley to carry a weapon and use deadly force (the incident was ruled a justifiable homicide) also does not allow the family of the man Corley shot to file suit for wrongful death.

The gun lobby claims that this excess of guns and concealed permits is making us safer, but when a person, who gets paid to sell weapons, which are created with the purpose of killing people, tells me that said weapons are really safe, I really have to question it. I also have to question it in the face of the growing number of domestic violence related shootings we’ve had in my area this past year by people who had permits for their weapons.