Seriously? No… Seriously?

I am all for diversity on television. Really and truly. Nothing can be wrong with attempting to show more of the real world as it truly is, full of people in all ages, shapes, sizes


and colors. However, I really don’t get the Root’s latest appeal for African American representation on the Bachelor(ette). Continue reading “Seriously? No… Seriously?”

Naomi Sims (1948-2009)


Halston called her the first black supermodel, but when modeling agencies failed to sign Naomi Sims, she began approaching photographers herself. She often did her own hair and makeup at shoots because of the lack of experience

of the artists with African-American women with darker complexions. Her beauty empire, born out of her desire not to be an “old, broke model”, began in her oven with her own handmade synthetic hair creations.  The beautiful author and shrewd businesswoman died in New York City Saturday of Cancer.