Thursday Randomness – X Games and Cheese Cake.

vertThe X games start today. cheesecake

Yep. In Los Angeles, though I think the Northwest is a much better place for them. And it’s not because I live in the Northwest either. Nope. Well, maybe a little.

Just in case you were wondering about that Saved by the Bell reunion on Jimmy Fallon…

Funny or Die strikes again! Yes, she found time to pose for People Magazine, but Tiffani Thiesen did a digital short that lets us know why she might not be getting back to that late night dude about that reunion thingy. (Side note: I watched WAY too much of this show growing up. Way too much. ) The woman can not help it if she’s busy.

And on that note, Happy National Cheesecake Day!

We’ve been baking.

It’s official. Our heat wave has become national news. It’s supposed to cool down tomorrow. To 100 degrees. Who in the world COOLS DOWN to 100 degrees? Sigh. I will NOT miss this weather.

Black Raspberry Milkshake?

blueThis morning, I happened to come across an article about cocktails according to zodiac sign. I’m thinking, at the very least, I’ll get a new recipe out of this or something.  I’m thinking maybe some neat fruity concoction that I can work with like a margarita or some kicked up martini. Maybe even a punch or a chocolate or vanilla beverage. Non alcoholic drinks more than welcome. I wind up with a black raspberry milkshake, which reinforces my opinion of horoscopes.

What’s YOUR drink sign?