Yes, we really can.

I hope that the sense of hope and motivation that caused the racial gap to evaporate during the ’08 presidential election continues to move people to be involved and engaged in government.

Arlen Specter’s a what?

Now, this might have more to do with those 200k PA voters who left the GOP than with the party going too far to the left (not to mention the threat to his seat by the person he’s running against in the primaries), but hey, that’s just my humble opinion. It’s really too bad that the GOP leader was chosen because the other guy belonged to that segregated country club, because I’m just not impressed with Mr. Steele – at all. I’m so glad I’m an Independent.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s not.

The swine flu outbreak has killed 81 people in Mexico. There are no travel warnings for Americans. Americans are just running down there saying things like, “We’ll wash our hands.” Meanwhile, the US has maybe 20 documented cases and Europe has a travel warning? Makes me wonder if somebody’s overreacting… or if somebody’s underreacting…