2014 Day 105: Christmas in April

christmasinaprI know that I am somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred days ahead of time, but it’s not completely my fault. Hallmark has released its ornament catalog and they always have cute little things that I can plan and budget for. I blame the fact that I work out much more regularly because the Hallmark store is right across the street. I guess that’s one way to avoid buying too many naughty treats – getting stuff at Hallmark, especially since the non edible items are always way nicer than the edible ones. Who’s going to turn down a cute mug or card or ornament or scarf for a box of candy? Not me.

Monday Music?

See, I had plans to post this Friday, but I think the Christmas parties and issues of life (including making some changes to my spending situation in the aftermath of the Target breech) caught up with me. Since it’s better late than never, this year Mary J. Blige put out her first Christmas album, produced by David Foster. I thought it was really well put together, and I’m really picky about my Christmas music. :) Enjoy.



Merry Day after Day after Christmas!!

Yesterday I was thinking about how great it would be to just celebrate Christmas until New Year’s Day. I think that a bit of real life and the responsibilities therein have reared their ugly heads in protest. ¬†And quite loudly. How rude. That’s okay because it gives me an excuse to get a king cake (or two) during Carnival – you know, to make up for the loss of my extra week of celebration. Can you tell I grew up in Louisiana? I somehow feel entitled to a week here or there of celebrating holidays that usually last one or two days for most folks.