Nice neighbors who happen to be axe murderers

One of my first cousins died the day before, and that’s why Dad called me. At 2 something in the morning. Which left me sitting up all night. After having played cleanup woman for folk afflicted by the stomach virus. The recipe for an upbeat personality, I know. My husband lived up to his title as the worst patient ever and then some and then some and then some more. Continue reading

The lady who lied about being kidnapped by two black men.

It speaks deafening volumes of the racial situation in the United States that any random broad, this means you Bonnie Sweeten, can tell the police that she and her daughter have been kidnapped by two African-American men in a black cadillac and spark a serious investigation. That’s just the beginning of the layers of shade that is the life and dealings of Mrs. Sweeten.

1. She emptied 12k out of accounts that may or may not have been hers.

2. She may have embezzled a LOT of money (half a mil to a mil) from her former employer’s charity, (the  lawyer’s license has been revoked or is otherwise inactive).

3.  The charity is not registered with the state of pennsylvania OR the IRS.

4. Her money theft has been assumed to have to deal with her marital issues.

5. Her husband says there are no marital issues.

6. The neighbors say there are marital issues.