I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas.

I did. I was a bit winded due to the flu or the crud or whatever it was, but I was more than happy to celebrate another year with my family, friends and loved ones.

Monday Music?

See, I had plans to post this Friday, but I think the Christmas parties and issues of life (including making some changes to my spending situation in the aftermath of the Target breech) caught up with me. Since it’s better late than never, this year Mary J. Blige put out her first Christmas album, produced by David Foster. I thought it was really well put together, and I’m really picky about my Christmas music. :) Enjoy.



I heart Christmas music.

Sometimes, it can be in the middle of Summer and I will put some on. It helps me to remember time spent with family and friends, and it can even help me smile when I’m reminded of the ones who aren’t here with me anymore. Here’s my most recent favorite, by Pentatonix, just in case you are not among the almost eighteen million who have seen it already, and even if you are and want to see it again.

Farewell 2012.

I still have citrus oil under my nails from the zest I put into some mulled wine a couple of hours ago. Can something smell bright, because I believe this does. We were supposed to have a glitzy New Year’s Eve, but after all of the snow we got this afternoon, we just want to stay warm. 2012 was an awesome year for me. I met more great friends. Celebrated milestones. Sometimes wiped some tears, but there were places I found myself where I never imagined I would be again. It was not perfect, but I grew and I look forward to growing even more. Friends have turned into more friends. Giving has turned into more giving and I have received in new and amazing ways.

When I was in high school, my acting teacher told us young dummies (who thought we were SO intelligent, btw) that life was not a dress rehearsal and that so many of us are not even living. I’m trying to live and share the things I learn and find along the way. Here’s to more of that!

Happy New Year!!!