Arlen Specter’s a what?

Now, this might have more to do with those 200k PA voters who left the GOP than with the party going too far to the left (not to mention the threat to his seat by the person he’s running against in the primaries), but hey, that’s just my humble opinion. It’s really too bad that the GOP leader was chosen because the other guy belonged to that segregated country club, because I’m just not impressed with Mr. Steele – at all. I’m so glad I’m an Independent.

Save now. Pay a lot more later.

Okay, so the government and the press will acknowledge that we’ve been in a recession for 18 months (actually living mdollarmenuwage jobs have been on the drop since the first Bush term, but hey, nobody was admitting it, because they considered living wage jobs being replaced by low wage service sector jobs good economics. Another post. Another time). People are doing whatever it takes to save a dollar here and a dollar there, including fast food dollar menus. The only problem with that, according to Newsweek and anybody who takes the time to think it through, is that the long term effects of eating these foods (with the exception of the salads on the menu) could turn out to be a lot more expensive in the long run. Deep fried, high fat sandwich – one dollar. Not having diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease – priceless. The article says eating healthy can be expensive but I know that buying frozen vegetables, buying from local suppliers, buying foods in bulk and cooking them at home are some ways to make it more bearable.